Orion in strepies

on Saturday, 25 December 2010. Posted in Nature, Summer 2011

F4.5, 1800sec, ISO 200

My Nikon D60 allows me to keep the shutter open for a maximum of 30 minutes. I made the most of this feature when I took this photo of a part of the Orion constellation in Stella (North West). Of interest is Betelgeuse, which can be seen as the auburn colored star (middel left of the photo). 

Orion se gordel kan duidelik gesien word as die drie blou strepies langsmekaar net bo betelgeuse. Die helder ster bo die drietjies is Rigel, terwyl die helderste ster in die foto Sirius heet (regs van Rigel). ‘n Driepoot en afstandbeheer het met die neem van foto gehelp (en my plathand vir die muskiete - veral in Stella).

Orion in strepies

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